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Friday, August 8, 2014

Celebrating 29 Weeks

Last week I was a bundle of nerves.  You see, I was twenty-eight weeks pregnant.  And that may not seem like any reason to be worried, but I was.  Reason being that my water broke at the twenty-eight week mark during my first pregnancy with my dear son, Kasen.  I know that each pregnancy is different, but I couldn't help but to feel on edge.  I kept having flash backs and anxiety that my water would break before I reached full term, again.  I know that it could still break before I reach 37-40 weeks, but passing the twenty-eight week marker was a milestone for me.  I even decided to celebrate on Tuesday with some homemade cookies and ice cream for reaching twenty-nine weeks without my water breaking.  

What really helped me get through this past week was writting out Kasen's birth story.  It was a slow release of built up emotions that have been harboring inside.  I'll be sharing his story in a few days, but for now I'm going to continue celebrating being twenty-nine weeks.

So, I've finally gotten around to editing a few of my impromptu maternity photos from our Sunday afternoon adventure to Lake Catherine.      

I will go ahead and put a disclamier on these.  I am by no means a photographer, nor is my husband.  But I love taking photos, and when the opportunity presents itself, I take it.  Despite it being rather crowded, we managed to snag a few photos.  Kyle did a great job seeing that he had a toddler on his hip while taking these.  I'm sure we were a sight to see.

TGIF!  Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.

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