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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Anniversary Weekend Adventures

We've had a lot going on at the McKean household lately.  This weekend we celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary.  Kasen also turned 16 months old and went to the church nursery for the first time.  He also had a doctor's appointment and was finally on the charts for height.  In reality, these little milestones are not important to anyone else but us.  Just ordinary events that a lot of people experience, but just like birthing a baby, it's an everyday miracle.  Little things like this are new to us and so very exciting.

We began our celebrations on Saturday with massages.  I got a prenatal massage and Kyle got a deep tissue one.  It was perfect.  So perfect, that I think I'm going to have to schedule another one a few weeks before my due date.  After we got done swooning over our massages, we went and got pedicures.  Then, we picked up some fresh flowers on our way home.
We finished off our anniversary escapades with a lovely dinner, complete with two desserts.  Because this pregnant lady did not want to share.  See, I like to take my time when I eat.  My husband is a different story though.  He eats like he has never eaten before, and it's one of his quirks that can really annoy me.  Like when we share food, because I take one bite, and as I am eating that one bite, he takes three.  And his bites aren't small.  So basically I end up getting 1/4 of what we are eating, or I have to shovel food in my mouth as quick as can be.  And that just leaves me disappointed, because I feel like I never got to fully savor it.  So two desserts it was, with no guilt felt for almost eating mine in it's entirety.
It really was a lovely day.  My love language is quality time, so my "love tank" got filled.

On Sunday, our actual anniversary, we decided to have a casual day since we celebrated the night before.  We started the morning off by going to church and dropping Kasen off in the church nursery.  It was his first time, and it took a lot of persuading for me to finally feel comfortable with it.  I know, I sound like "that" mom.  The one that is attached to her child.  But he is my first baby, and the thought of dropping him off with someone other than family was hard.  When Kasen was a few months old we would take him to church, and he would sit with us, usually falling asleep.  When he got to be 9 months old, it was harder.  To the point that he was so mobile and loud that one of us would have to walk around outside the sanctuary with him.  And maybe I should have put him in the nursery then, but I just couldn't handle it.  So, we ended up taking a pretty long break from church, occasionally watching online.  I know it probably sounds down right silly.  That I was afraid to let my child go to the church nursery.  But to me, my feelings were valid.  And I had to reach the point of readiness.  To let go just a little bit.  To let him have some more independence.  To stop worrying needlessly about things that hadn't happened.  To take a deep breath, and know that he was going to be okay for an hour with loving workers that would take good care of him and children his age to play with.

When the moment came, I did better than I expected.  Kyle and I watched Kasen through a window for a little bit before heading to service.  And as we left him playing in the nursery, one of us cried.  And it wasn't me.  I was on the brink of it, but when I looked at the tears spilling out of my husband's eyes, I instantly felt better.  It surprised both of us that he was the one to get emotional.  Being a parent comes with emotions that sometimes blindside you.  I don't know if my husband will appreciate me telling that tid bit of information, but nothing is more attractive to me than how much he loves our son.
Kasen did great in the nursery, as we fully expected.  And we finished our weekend with a trip to Lake Catherine State Park.  And that was quite the adventure.  Hiking (even a half mile) with a toddler that doesn't want to be held is a challenge.  Especially when the trail isn't baby friendly.  After two attempts, we finally made it to our desired destination.  Kasen had a blast splashing around in the creek below the waterfall.  And even though I was wearing a dress, I hoped in with him.  Though, that was partially due to seeing a picture worthy spot.  When the opportunity for a good picture presents itself, I never hesitate.  Yeah, it WAS odd.  Seeing a pregnant women hop into the water to take some pictures had to be quite the sight.  But apparently I have no shame in my game these days.  I'll have those pictures up later this week.

All and all the weekend was great.  I love taking Kasen new places and having family adventures.  He had a pretty big weekend, getting to do lots of new things.  And Kyle and I had a lovely anniversary.  Cheers to two years!!!

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