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Thursday, August 14, 2014

And we Have a Name

We've finally picked out a name!!!  It's been quite a daunting task finding a name for our baby boy, so to say that we are overly thrilled is an understatement.

His name is Keller Pierce  McKean.  And yep, we are "that" family.  Every member has a K name, and I love it.  If you don't know, my husband's name is Kyle.  I'm Keiley, and our first born son's name is Kasen.  We can't wait to add Keller to our clan.

I found two meanings for the name Keller.  The first was companion and the second was little champion.  And Pierce is my maiden name, so we decided it would be cool to pass down to him.  Also, Kasen's middle name is Merle, which is a fourth generation name from my husband's side of the family.  Kyle and his dad's middle names are both Merle, which was passed down from the original Merle McKean, aka Kyle's grandpa and Kasen's great grandfather.  So, I wanted to give a family name to Keller as well.

Dear Keller Pierce McKean, we can not wait to meet you!!!  

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