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Thursday, August 21, 2014

31 Week Bumpdate

How far along: 31 Weeks
Weight gain: 17 pounds
Gender:  Boy
Maternity clothes: I have two months left, so I might invest in a few pieces.  Maybe just maybe
Stretch marks: No
Symptoms: Heartburn, acid reflux, and constant peeing
Best moment this week:  Finally picking out a name and getting a few Halloween outfits for Keller : )
Worst moment this week: Wanting to eat brownies, but not having the right ingredients.  Yeah....
Miss anything:  Cool weather   
Movement:  His movements kind of hurt these days
Cravings: Brownies and coffee and ice cream  
Queasy or sick: Just acid reflux that makes me extremely nauseated
Looking forward to:  Holding my sweet newborn baby, I definitely have newborn fever

If you follow me on Instagram (@keymckean), you might have seen these images.  But I thought it would be cool to compare my baby bump with Kasen and Keller.  The left picture is 31 weeks with Kasen, and the right is 31 weeks with Keller.  It's crazy to think that I gave birth to Kasen at 31 weeks, and that I'm so much bigger with Keller than with Kasen at this point.  And I still have 9 weeks left to go.  I thought I was so big with Kasen, boy did I not know what big was. ; )

Have a great Thursday!

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