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Monday, July 21, 2014

Just Another Weekend Recap

Monday, somedays I wish you were Friday.  And somedays I wish I could nap ALL day, pretending like I had no responsibilities.  That I was a carefree child again.  Why did we take those days for granted?  Days where dealing with insurance, bills, and doctors were left at someone else's hands.  Not your own.  I am not sure why dealing with them has to be so difficult.  It's seriously like pulling teeth to get something taken care of.  Though, I'd almost rather get a tooth pulled because at least then it would be over.  But it is what is.  #adultlife

So yes, I should suck it up, and deal with it.  Though, a glass of wine would surely help.  But that right there is a #pregoproblem .  So is an unbearable cheese dip craving that I don't have the ingredients for. All I can think about is the cheese dip I devoured on Friday.  The Mr. and I had a relaxing date, while the little one spent time at grandma's house.  Though, being overly hormonal didn't start the night out as planned.  Let's just say money talk isn't a great subject for date night.  It might lead to an overly dramatic fight, followed by tears.  And more tears, if your pregnant and have raging hormones.  What a car ride.    

Just word to the wise.  Life isn't always picture perfect.  There are so many behind the scenes moments of a person's life.  No one has it together all the time, despite what their life looks like from the outside.  We all make mistakes, and from those, we have the option of learning from them or repeating them.  Sometimes everyone needs a reminder of simple truths.  Including myself. 

And sometimes you need to be the bigger person and apologize.  Apologize when your pride is so high that the words almost get stuck in your throat.  When you would again, rather have your tooth pulled, because apologizing feels more painful.  Apologize when you don't feel like it, and remember the grace that was granted to you when you least deserved it.  Apologize and mean it.  Then, let it go.  And remember to never bring it up again on a date night.

Then eat an entire bowl of cheese dip.  Followed by the most delicious cupcakes.         

Then walk, talk, and take in the night.  With everything that it has to offer.  Including a gorgeous sunset.  And realize that there is no need to try and suck in your bloated, overfull tummy because you're pregnant.  Que one happy dance.
We ended our weekend spending time with family and comforting a teething baby.  Which meant lots of Netflix and watermelon.  

And then somehow the weekend turned into Monday.  And if you couldn't tell from the beginning of my post, it's been quite the Monday.  So we are just ending the night with some good music.  And that always means a dancing baby.  Seriously, is there anything cuter than a dancing baby?  Kyle and I think not.  Happy Monday!! 

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