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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Breakfast at the Park

If you didn't know this already, it's hot.  And around here it's not just any kind of hot.  It's the muggiest kind of hot that makes your glasses fog over as soon as you walk outside.  I am definitely trying to make the best of summer.  The heat just gets to me and makes me wish it was fall year round.  Not that I don't like summer.  It's great.  But maybe if I had a pool to go to, I would enjoy it more. Oh, and maybe next summer (when I'm not pregnant) it'll be even more enjoyable.  The heat makes me nauseated.  Though, what doesn't these days?  And now I'm just complaining.    

We decided to spend our morning with a little breakfast at the park.  Followed by playtime.     

If you've never tried to shovel handfuls of bananas in your mouth, you're really missing out.  This baby really knows how to make us laugh.  After Kyle and I finished our doughnuts, Kasen made his way over to our empty plate and decided to lick the remains.  A pregnant women's bladder can't withstand all the laughter that happened after seeing such a sight.  He has never had a doughnut before, so I'm sure he throughly enjoyed the left over taste.  Seriously, he wouldn't even put it down.  I don't blame him.  I try my best to eat healthy, local, and organic if possible.  I've been cooking homemade meals, buying local and organic food, and doing my research on healthier living.  We made the switch about five months ago, but I find myself craving un healthy processed foods on the occasion.  And since my sweet tooth has kicked back in, it makes it all the more hard.  But I'm only human.  Sometimes all a girl needs is an Oreo.  And by AN Oreo, I mean a row of Oreo's.  Moderation is the key, and cutting out as much processed foods on a daily basis makes my occasional indulgences not so bad.  In my opinion at least.        

Kasen's favorite part of the park was all the rocks.  He loves him some dirt.  And don't forget the sticks.  I can't even tell you how many rocks I have pulled out of his mouth.  My reflexes sure have gotten a lot faster because of it.

One of my goals as a parent is to create many memories for our children.  I know Kasen is to young to remember this morning, but the day will come when he will.  And I want him to look back at his childhood with fondness and be able to tell incredible stories to his kids about it.  Being a kid is so magical, and they look at life through extraordinary eyes.  Simple things are the coolest as a kid.  Oh, I will suffer through a million hot summers just to give my boys the best experiences and memories.

Hope you all are having a great weekend!!!      

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