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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

4th of July Photo Shoot

Happy July everyone.  I finally finished editing pictures from our red, white, and blue photo shoot this weekend.  I love how all these turned out, even if our DIY star & stripe tanks didn't quite go the way I planned.  Kasen's was supposed to have a blue hand print in place of the blue square.  But as we placed his painted hand down on the shirt, he curled up his fingers.  Oh boy, did it not look like a hand print.  Well, it didn't look like anything for that matter.  Just a weirdly shaped blob that I turned into a square.  And of course in the split second Kyle handed him to me to clean his hand off, he smeared it all over his face.  #forthewin

As I was going through all the photos from this shoot, I came across one that melted my heart.  Big time.  The photo above may possibly be my all time favorite photo of Kasen and I.  It's true what they say, little boys love their mamas.

For my tank we used glitter spray paint that we thought was meant for fabric.  Nope.  By the end of the photo shoot, there was glitter everywhere.  Kasen and I were covered from head to toe.  The paint didn't hold up and really wore off in spots.  Big spots.  
At least it lasted throughout the pictures. I'll have to find or make another Fourth of July outfit for this weekend.  I love festive outfits.  Of course, I might just throw a red or blue shirt on and call it a day.  We will just have to see what this week holds.  The same week that will hold a lake trip and festive cinnamon rolls.  Just a few of my favorite things.  Hoping y'all are having a fantastic start to the week!! Peace, Love, & 'Merica.   

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