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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

26 Weeks

How far along: 26 Weeks
Weight gain: 12-14 pounds, give or take how many cookies I've eaten that day ; )
Gender/Name:  Boy & still baby no name McKean
Maternity clothes:  I have one maternity shirt
Stretch marks: No
Symptoms:  Acid Reflux, back pain, nausea 
Best moment this week: Making a big batch of homemade, wholewheat chocolate chip cookies.  That makes me feel super lame that my highlight for the week is cookies ; )
Worst moment this week: Um eating too many of the cookies I made.  Hello, weight gain
Miss anything: Sleep.  I'm always sleepy, but I can never sleep #pregoproblems
Movement:  Feeling lots of hiccups this week
Cravings: Watermelon and cheese dip still.  I haven't fulfilled my cheese dip craving quite yet 
Queasy or sick: Nausea still, but it seems to be better this week
Looking forward to: The weekend, lots of baby projects to start on

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