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Friday, June 20, 2014

Mama & Mini Summer Style

Confession time.  I really, really like coordinating my outfits with Kasen.  Since he is a baby I feel like I can get away with it.  I'm sure when he is older he won't appreciate it anymore.  Not like a little girl would at least.  So for now I'm going to have some fun.    

I put together a few of my favorite pieces for a more casual summer look.  I think I could live in the daisy baseball teeshirt and the chambray ball cap.  I'm like chambray obsessed these days.  But I think these outfits would coordinate well together without being overkill.   And you know what they say, a matching family is a happy family.  Well, I'm sure someone has said it before.  But it sure does make this mama happy.  Happy.  Happy.  Happy.

Just look at how cool coordinating outfits with your baby is ; ).  Have a great weekend!  


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