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Thursday, June 12, 2014

I Fell in Love all Over Again

The moment your eyes welled with tears as you heard our newborn son cry for the first time; I fell in love all over again.
The time you were finally able to hold our tiny 5 day old, I saw the tender look of awe in your eyes as you cradled him in your strong arms; I fell in love all over again.
The day we took our son home from the hostpital and the words, "I'll always keep you safe," softly rang from your mouth; I fell in love all over again.
The night I peeked in the nursery and saw you snuggled up singing to our son; I fell in love all over again.
The first time our son lit up when he saw your face, making you beam from ear to ear; I fell in love all over again. 
Those long nights when our son wouldn't fall asleep and you gently rocked, swayed, and soothed him; I fell in love all over again.
The first night trip away from Kasen, when you couldn't get home to him fast enough and held him so tightly in your arms as soon as you saw him; I fell in love all over again.
The first time you made him laugh as you laughed along with him; I fell in love all over again.
The time he reached for you instead of me, and you gave me the most smug grin; I fell in love all over again.
That proud look in your eyes when our 9 month old said "dada"; I fell in love all over again.
The morning I walked in on you chasing a laughing and squealing Kasen around; I fell in love all over again.
The moment our one year old bawled as soon as you left for work and you ran back in to give him another hug; I fell in love all over again.

You know, I was somewhat prepared for the heaping amount of love I'd feel for Kasen (though, I had never known a love quite like it).  But I was never prepared for the overwhelming amount of immediate and growing love I'd feel for YOU after our son was born.  That each and every little moment y'all share would make my heart want to explode.  The way our son loves you and the way you love him is one of the best and most beautiful things I would never trade for the world.   

You are such a great dad, and I know it's a praise less job most days.  You don't get enough thanks for being you.  For being such a good daddy, husband, and friend. So thank you.  

Thank you for all your hard work.  For always trying your best to provide for our family.  For loving two almost impossible & imperfect people.  For seeing us through God's eyes, even when we test your patience to it's very end.  For always believing in us and pushing us towards the people you know we can be.  For without you, life as we know it would never be the same.  Without your love, support, respect, tenderness, positivity, prayers, guidance, friendship, silliness, and honesty we wouldn't be who we are today.  I want our sons' to be just like you when they grow up.  What better example of a husband, dad, friend, and leader for them could be found?  We are so proud of the man and Godly leader you are being molded into, and we are so blessed that you don't take your responsibility as a husband/father lightly.

So thank you for being you.  For always knowing how to make us smile.  For your care free attitude that levels me out.  For your love of great food, sports, and entrepreneurship.  And even for your love of (for lack of a better word) dumb t.v. shows.  For all your quirks, jokes, and hugs.  For your beautiful voice, toilet seat you always seem to leave up, and your boyish charm.  We love you for everything that you are and everything that you strive to be.

Happy father's day to you, babe.      

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