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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Gender Reveal

I LOVE gender reveal parties, and that is an understatement.  I blame Pinterest for my obsession with them.  I just think they are the cutest thing on the block.  Not to mention I love surprises, so really they are right up my alley.  I mean, any reason to throw a party has me all over it and finding out alongside of family and friends is totally neat.        

I had so much fun putting everything together.  The wanna be party planner in me had a hay day.  I had to reign myself in so I could keep on budget; though, I might have splurged on a dress.  I thought it was perfect for a gender reveal, as I'd be sporting both pink and blue.

So you know, my most favorite meal of the day is breakfast.  And when I can't get enough breakfast for breakfast, I eat some for dinner too.  I decided it would be fun to incorporate into the party because who wouldn't want to indulge in a bowl of sugary goodness that some call cereal?  Especially when it's for dinner.  We also served Krispy Kreme doughnuts, mini pancake bites, sausage balls, and strawberries.  Along with milk, orange juice, and coffee to drink and not to mention syrup and Nutella to accompany the pancake bites.  It was definitely a "cheat day" from my usual organic diet.    


From paint dipped cups to a pink tutu centerpiece, most everything was a DIY project.  I think my favorite things about the party were the glass milk bottles and the doughnut cake tower.  The rest of the decor that I didn't make or have on hand came from Hobby Lobby and Party City.  Being crafty isn't second nature to me, so I was extremely pleased with how well everything turned out (not to toot my own horn).  

Now, for the big reveal we decided to play a game of darts.  That way we could involve more people in a fun and more suspenseful way.  We filled black balloons with silver glitter and taped them to a thick poster board.  Since Kyle was the only one that knew what the gender was, he was in charge of filling one balloon with either pink or blue glitter.  So one lone balloon held the secret gender of baby #2.
The fifth person nailed the correct balloon, hitting the jackpot and sending blue glitter flying everywhere.  What a surprise!!! We were so thrilled to find out we were adding another boy to our team.  And I was even more thrilled that Kyle actually kept the gender a secret and that I didn't spoil the surprise for myself this time around.  I announced with the picture below.  And you can check out this blog post for more  details on finding out about baby boy Mckean #2 and you can see how wrong the old wives tales were for me here.  Although it was a long 6 day wait, it was well worth it.  The party was a success and we are so blessed to be having another sweet boy.  My heart is full.  

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