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Monday, June 30, 2014

Red, White, & Blue

Fourth of July is less than a week away.  For starters, I can't even believe it's almost July.  Where'd you come from?  Secondly, I am super pumped because we are going to the lake.  FINALLY.  I haven't been in a few years, and I've literally been drooling over everyone's beach and lake pictures.  Well, even pool pictures.  I've almost been temped to hop into Kasen's baby pool with him.  I think I would take up the whole pool though.    

He has such a blast splashing around.  I can't wait to take him to the lake for the first time.  And we are going to attempt to take him to see fireworks later that night.  I'm not quite sure how he is going to react.  He sometimes gets scared of the funniest things.  For instance, he has a peek a boo book with hidden animals, and when he pulls up a tab, the animal will make a noise.  For some reason (unbeknownst to me) he is terrified of the sheep.  Just the sheep.  Every time he pulls it open and it "baaaaa's" he scrambles to my lap and hides.  I can't help but cracking up.  Poor guy will have some chronic phobia of sheep when he grows up.

I am also excited for some Fourth of July food & crafts.  As a lover of holidays', I lean towards the festive side of life.  


I have so many ideas for this week of patriotic fun.  Not to mention, I have found all sorts of inspiration and cute ideas on the internet.  You can find the sources to the above image, along with other 4th of July ideas on my pinterest board. Now, off to paint the town red, white, & blue.  

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Summer of Burgers

 My husband is a burger fanatic.  I'm seriously not sure I've ever seen him order anything but a burger at any restaurant we've ever been to in the four years I've known him.  Unless we're at a place that doesn't serve burgers (obviously).  He is always dreaming up burger creations but has yet to actually put together one of his crazy concoctions.  So this summer he wanted to live out his burger fantasies, and I decided to blog about it as well as be a taste tester.  I've always wanted to be one of those.  This week he went down an unusual route.        

You might be wondering what in the world it is?  This, folks, is a bacon wrapped burger topped with sharp cheddar cheese, melted to perfection, all enclosed in a cinnamon roll bun.  It's a burger for breakfast.  Or dinner.  Whatever is your thing.  If a cinnamon roll burger is even appealing to you that is.  I wasn't too sure about this creation, but it actually wasn't too bad.  Interesting is the best word to describe it.    

And if you were wondering, YES it was messy and extremely hard to eat.  But the flavors actually meshed well together.  I'm sure I looked quite hilarious trying to shovel this big ole' burger in my mouth.  I ended up cutting the burger and cinnamon roll bun into little pieces and grabbing a smidgen of each with every bite.  Should have done that in the first place.

I'm curious as to what next week's burger concoction will be.  Kyle hasn't spilled the beans yet.  I say bring it on.  The summer of burgers it will truly be.    

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

23 Weeks

How far along: 23 Weeks
Gender: Still a bouncing baby boy : )
Weight gain: 9 pounds
Maternity clothes: Just squeezing myself in regular clothes 
Best moment this week: The big ice cream cone I rewarded myself with for getting our closet organized 
Worst moment this week: Whew baby boy is getting four teeth in at once and refuses to nap.  It's been pretty exhausting 
Miss anything: My sanity haha 
Cravings: Fried egg sandwiches.  I've literally eaten one every day for lunch this past week.  Mmmm 
Queasy or sick: Nauseated
Looking forward to: Fourth of July still !!! A lake day is calling my name
The chalk board really says it all this week.  Kasen is teething and has been on a nap strike the past few days.  He gets so tired he doesn't know what to do but scream.  ALL.  DAY.  LONG.  And I can't seem to get him down.  I just feel discouraged this week.  Not to mention tired and nauseous.  So excuse my messy hair and lack of makeup.  We are just trying to make it through each day right now.  Happy bump day everyone.        

Friday, June 20, 2014

Mama & Mini Summer Style

Confession time.  I really, really like coordinating my outfits with Kasen.  Since he is a baby I feel like I can get away with it.  I'm sure when he is older he won't appreciate it anymore.  Not like a little girl would at least.  So for now I'm going to have some fun.    

I put together a few of my favorite pieces for a more casual summer look.  I think I could live in the daisy baseball teeshirt and the chambray ball cap.  I'm like chambray obsessed these days.  But I think these outfits would coordinate well together without being overkill.   And you know what they say, a matching family is a happy family.  Well, I'm sure someone has said it before.  But it sure does make this mama happy.  Happy.  Happy.  Happy.

Just look at how cool coordinating outfits with your baby is ; ).  Have a great weekend!  


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Feeling 22 Weeks Pregnant

How far along: 22 Weeks
Gender: BOY!
Weight gain: +8 lbs. This weight gain is really rolling along
Maternity clothes: No but I don't know how much longer I'll be able to squeeze into my pants.  Think this will be the summer of dresses : )
Sleep: I need a nap.  Oh, a nap.  
Best moment this week: Getting to see our friends that live in another state + watching Kasen play with their 10 month old was way too fun
Worst moment this week: Just those random sickish moments
Miss anything: Sleep
Cravings: Fruit please 
Queasy or sick: Up and downs with morning sickness this week
Looking forward to: Fourth of July !!!
Weekly Wisdom:  Don't over do the hot sauce

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Father's Day Weekend

Another weekend down in the books, and I'm already looking forward to the next.  Eh, I should really get out more during the week.
 We had two wonderful days filled with food, family, & fun.  The triple threat, y'all.  Not to mention the weather was gorgeous.  Kasen splashed around in his kiddie pool wearing his striped swim trunks as Kyle grilled a delectable dinner on the grill.  Mmmm summer time and the living is easy.                  

I'm picture happy if you haven't already learned that about me.  So it shouldn't surprise you that I had a little father's day photo shoot with Kasen.  I dressed him in dad's favorite button down shirt and made a little entourage sign to complete the picture.  This baby is a little ham when the camera is on.  #cutenessoverload

I really couldn't have asked for a better weekend to celebrate the man we love.   Sunday morning I woke up especially early to make a savory father's day breakfast.  And by waking up early, I mean I never really went to sleep.  This pregnancy induced insomnia is no joke.  No wonder I feel like a zombie by mid day.  And by dinner I become the walking dread.  I'll try not to start a zombie apocalypse.
Lemon creme french toast was on the menu for breakfast in bed, delivered by yours truly.  Can you say room dad service.  It was absolutely delicious, and for you french toast lovers the recipe can be found here.   I added a little quirkiness to it, well...because I felt like it.  I had to make it fun for the funniest man around town.  We finished the day with Kyle's choice of food, activities, and television.  Kasen even gave him extra snuggles and laughs.  That is sure to make a happy dad.  Add in a back scratch, and the winner of best family goes to Kasen and I.  We love Kyle so much, and if you happened to miss my sentimental post about him, you can catch it here.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!    

Friday, June 13, 2014

You had me at Doughnut

TGIF!!!  I am counting down the hours (maybe even the minutes) until my husband gets home from work.  2 hours and counting, folks.  I really look forward to the weekends, not so much because we do anything too special or exciting, but simply because I have my husband home for 2 1/2 days of bliss.  Hello, extra set of hands to help wrangle a rowdy 14 month old boy.  And an extra special hello to getting one whole day to sleep in.  That certainly calls for somersaults and fireworks.  

I'm also looking forward to the weekend because of Father's Day.  Yep,  Father's Day.  I have a few surprises up my sleeve and a delicious breakfast in mind.  A homemade breakfast at that.  If you would have told me a year ago that I'd be cooking meals that weren't from a box or a can, than I would have laughed.  Hysterically.  Boy have I come a long way.  My husband sure is loving my improvements in the kitchen.  And who knew cooking was so much fun?  

Along with cooking, I've also been trying to be more consistent with date nights.  We are very sporadic with them, and they usually end up being netflix on the couch.  Which is cool and all, but it kind of gets old after a while.  I crave a little spontaneity and romance in my life.  I think I envy the Bachelor and Bachelorette too much.  The show literally makes me feel like I need a private concert while eating a candle lit dinner on a rooftop in Italy.  Or that I need to go horseback riding on the beach followed by fireworks and a picnic under the moon.  But I guess I'll settle with reality.  It's not that bad.  Especially when you make a delicious bowl (and I mean delicious) of lobster bisque for a stay at home date.  Oooo-la-laaa.  

I decided to dress semi cute/causal for the occasion and ditch the yoga pants I wear way too much.  They were glad to have a break from me.  

Anyone else think that lobster bisque kind of sounds fancy?  I get this eloquent feeling like I should stick my pinky finger up while eating it.  Welcome to my 5 star kitchen, darlings.  I can't believe it was as easy as it was to make.  Not to mention it was scrumptious.  I feel like scrumptious is a fancy enough word to describe it.  Très magnifique.    

I was going for a romantic type night.  A candle lit dinner for two.  Equipped with garlic bread, good conversation, and dessert.  All that was missing was a glass of wine.

I felt like we needed creme brulee or something fancier for a treat, but Krispy Kreme doughnuts came in for the win.  They are kind of like petite fours or eclairs?  If you consider those to be more on the eloquent side.  So much for my organic diet.  My excuse is pregnancy.  I mean really I can't resist.  You had me at doughnut.        

Somehow I stopped myself at one.  I really could have finished off the whole box, I mean the baby wanted them.  ; )  Not sure I'll have as much restraint come 38 weeks in though.  Or even the rest of the weekend for that matter.  Mr. baby boy McKean #2 is kicking me right now, trying to convince me that I need one.  Maybe four.  Oh, someone help me.     

Here's to hoping your weekend is full of sunshine, laughter, fathers, good food, and possibly even doughnuts.  Help me feel better about finishing off the rest of the box this weekend.  Cheers!!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

I Fell in Love all Over Again

The moment your eyes welled with tears as you heard our newborn son cry for the first time; I fell in love all over again.
The time you were finally able to hold our tiny 5 day old, I saw the tender look of awe in your eyes as you cradled him in your strong arms; I fell in love all over again.
The day we took our son home from the hostpital and the words, "I'll always keep you safe," softly rang from your mouth; I fell in love all over again.
The night I peeked in the nursery and saw you snuggled up singing to our son; I fell in love all over again.
The first time our son lit up when he saw your face, making you beam from ear to ear; I fell in love all over again. 
Those long nights when our son wouldn't fall asleep and you gently rocked, swayed, and soothed him; I fell in love all over again.
The first night trip away from Kasen, when you couldn't get home to him fast enough and held him so tightly in your arms as soon as you saw him; I fell in love all over again.
The first time you made him laugh as you laughed along with him; I fell in love all over again.
The time he reached for you instead of me, and you gave me the most smug grin; I fell in love all over again.
That proud look in your eyes when our 9 month old said "dada"; I fell in love all over again.
The morning I walked in on you chasing a laughing and squealing Kasen around; I fell in love all over again.
The moment our one year old bawled as soon as you left for work and you ran back in to give him another hug; I fell in love all over again.

You know, I was somewhat prepared for the heaping amount of love I'd feel for Kasen (though, I had never known a love quite like it).  But I was never prepared for the overwhelming amount of immediate and growing love I'd feel for YOU after our son was born.  That each and every little moment y'all share would make my heart want to explode.  The way our son loves you and the way you love him is one of the best and most beautiful things I would never trade for the world.   

You are such a great dad, and I know it's a praise less job most days.  You don't get enough thanks for being you.  For being such a good daddy, husband, and friend. So thank you.  

Thank you for all your hard work.  For always trying your best to provide for our family.  For loving two almost impossible & imperfect people.  For seeing us through God's eyes, even when we test your patience to it's very end.  For always believing in us and pushing us towards the people you know we can be.  For without you, life as we know it would never be the same.  Without your love, support, respect, tenderness, positivity, prayers, guidance, friendship, silliness, and honesty we wouldn't be who we are today.  I want our sons' to be just like you when they grow up.  What better example of a husband, dad, friend, and leader for them could be found?  We are so proud of the man and Godly leader you are being molded into, and we are so blessed that you don't take your responsibility as a husband/father lightly.

So thank you for being you.  For always knowing how to make us smile.  For your care free attitude that levels me out.  For your love of great food, sports, and entrepreneurship.  And even for your love of (for lack of a better word) dumb t.v. shows.  For all your quirks, jokes, and hugs.  For your beautiful voice, toilet seat you always seem to leave up, and your boyish charm.  We love you for everything that you are and everything that you strive to be.

Happy father's day to you, babe.      

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

21 Weeks

How far along: 21 Weeks
Gender: BOY!
Weight gain: +6 lbs.
Maternity clothes: Nope, not yet
Stretch marks: No
Belly button in or out:  What belly button? it's neither in or out, it is like a strait line.
Sleep: What is sleep?
Best moment this week: Pretty Little Liars Season 4 joining Netflix so I can finally catch up 
Worst moment this week: My poor little Kasen getting his first cold
Miss anything: Coffee sounds nice these days....
Movement: Baby is practicing his karate skills
Cravings: Back to my spicy salsa on top of a warm, buttery sweet potato craving this week.  Fruit and chocolate chip banana bread are up there too.  I can't get enough! 
Queasy or sick: Feeling pretty good this week
Looking forward to: Lobster Bisque candle lit date with my husband this week.  Food, food, food.  Always looking forward to food : )

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Weekend Recap

What a week, what a week, what a week.  Exhausting isn't even a strong enough adjective to describe it.  Kasen kick started the weekend with his very first cold.  He started feeling bad Thursday afternoon, and I don't think I've ever seen anything more pitiful.  I knew something was wrong when the only place he wanted to be was in my lap, but you won't catch me complaining about some extra cuddles.  He's way too busy for them these days.  Poor baby had a low grade fever on top of a runny nose and cough.  His eyes were watery and he was so weak.  Not to mention he was in pain due to his front tooth finally breaking skin.  This was Kasen's first time being sick in his first 14 months of life.  We think it was a teething related cold, but none the less it made him feel awful.  I can't even explain how broken hearted I felt seeing my baby that way.  Honestly, we've been blessed that Kasen hasn't been sick thus far (which I partially attribute to nursing him exclusively for 13 months).  I like to tell myself that at least because of all the hard work that went into it.        

With this being his first time sick, I called his pediatrician to ask what I needed to do.  I also ran to Whole Foods to get a few things for Kasen, in hopes of helping him feel better.  I got organic chicken noodle soup and watermelon for him to eat.  The watermelon was especially good because it helped keep him hydrated.  Not to mention he loves watermelon, so it was extremely heart warming to see my sick baby light up when he saw it.  I also got a few lemons to mix with some honey.  The honey is high in antioxidants and is supposed to help with congestion, while the lemon provides a small dose of vitamin C.  I also got tissue and some homeopathic infant cold tablets.     
Daddy captured a candid picture of pitiful faced Kasen snuggling with mommy.  Bless his little heart.  We turned on Sesame Street for him and let him nap on us all night.  Luckily, his fever hit the road the next day, and he started feeling a little more like his rambunctious self.  Kyle and I celebrated with homemade corn dogs (because that's a celebratory food?) and took Kasen outside to play for a little bit.  It cheered him up because he loves being an outside baby.  One day we will have a big yard for him to play in.

 We ended the weekend with a lovely wedding that Kyle and I were honored to be a part of.  We had so much fun celebrating, and I won't lie, I was thrilled that I fit into my bridesmaid dress.  Such a proud prego moment.  You see, we ordered the dresses in way back November.  Dresses from a place that doesn't do exchanges or refunds.  When I found out I was pregnant in February, the first thing I did was try on my dress.  Okay, maybe not the first thing.  But I did think about it soon after.  I've been in the clear up until the past two weeks when my bump finally made a grand entrance.  

 It was such a special day for our sweet friends. And it was my first time seeing my husband in a tux.  He was sharp and on point.  He told me he couldn't quit looking at me during the ceremony, and I laughed because I guess we were missing each others stares.  I just might have been staring at my stud too.  Okay, enough with the mushy gushy stuff.  And someone que an "ewwww."  I just realized how gross the word gushy sounds.  Gag.  I'll have to add that to my list of disgusting words.  You know, the ones that make you cringe?  Like moist.  Ew. 

So my husband blessed me with a 3 hour nap today while he played with our son.  It was perfect napping weather too.  Such a rainy and dreary afternoon.  Being pregnant and taking care of a sick baby all on top of helping and attending wedding festivities all weekend really got to me.  But being apart of our friend's special day and getting extra snuggles from my baby boy was all well worth a little extra exhaustion.  I'm thinking an early bed time tonight will be on the schedule.  And with that I bid you good night.     

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Gender Reveal

I LOVE gender reveal parties, and that is an understatement.  I blame Pinterest for my obsession with them.  I just think they are the cutest thing on the block.  Not to mention I love surprises, so really they are right up my alley.  I mean, any reason to throw a party has me all over it and finding out alongside of family and friends is totally neat.        

I had so much fun putting everything together.  The wanna be party planner in me had a hay day.  I had to reign myself in so I could keep on budget; though, I might have splurged on a dress.  I thought it was perfect for a gender reveal, as I'd be sporting both pink and blue.

So you know, my most favorite meal of the day is breakfast.  And when I can't get enough breakfast for breakfast, I eat some for dinner too.  I decided it would be fun to incorporate into the party because who wouldn't want to indulge in a bowl of sugary goodness that some call cereal?  Especially when it's for dinner.  We also served Krispy Kreme doughnuts, mini pancake bites, sausage balls, and strawberries.  Along with milk, orange juice, and coffee to drink and not to mention syrup and Nutella to accompany the pancake bites.  It was definitely a "cheat day" from my usual organic diet.    


From paint dipped cups to a pink tutu centerpiece, most everything was a DIY project.  I think my favorite things about the party were the glass milk bottles and the doughnut cake tower.  The rest of the decor that I didn't make or have on hand came from Hobby Lobby and Party City.  Being crafty isn't second nature to me, so I was extremely pleased with how well everything turned out (not to toot my own horn).  

Now, for the big reveal we decided to play a game of darts.  That way we could involve more people in a fun and more suspenseful way.  We filled black balloons with silver glitter and taped them to a thick poster board.  Since Kyle was the only one that knew what the gender was, he was in charge of filling one balloon with either pink or blue glitter.  So one lone balloon held the secret gender of baby #2.
The fifth person nailed the correct balloon, hitting the jackpot and sending blue glitter flying everywhere.  What a surprise!!! We were so thrilled to find out we were adding another boy to our team.  And I was even more thrilled that Kyle actually kept the gender a secret and that I didn't spoil the surprise for myself this time around.  I announced with the picture below.  And you can check out this blog post for more  details on finding out about baby boy Mckean #2 and you can see how wrong the old wives tales were for me here.  Although it was a long 6 day wait, it was well worth it.  The party was a success and we are so blessed to be having another sweet boy.  My heart is full.  

20 Weeks: We're Half Way There

How far along:  20 weeks!  WOOHOO half way there!!!
Total weight gain/loss:  Up 5 pounds 
Maternity clothes:  Negative
Best moment this week: Finding out we are having another little boy
Worst moment this week:  Pregnancy mood swings....  Enough said 
Food Cravings:  This week I'm all about the Mac & Cheese & don't forget the hot sauce  
Morning Sickness/Aversions:  Still occasionally getting sick
Miss anything:  SLEEP and a glass of wine  
Weekly Wisdom: If you don't want your husband to eat the last piece of banana bread; hide it.  Or else you might get overly emotional and dramatic when you come home expecting to eat it and it's gone.  Cue the tears & irrational behavior      
Happy or Moody:  Moody, Moody, Moody
Showing:  My oh my has my bump grown this past week  

Monday, June 2, 2014

Team Blue

So the much anticipated wait of finding out if Baby McKean #2 is a boy or girl is officially over.  We are adding another BOY to our family.  Welcome to Team McKean, baby boy.  We announced with the image above after our gender reveal party yesterday.  I can't say I'm too surprised.  From the beginning I had a feeling it was a boy, but I started second guessing myself as I made my way into the 2nd trimester.  I think looking at bows and tutus messed with my initial intuition.  I mean, I literally craved steak, wings, and burgers like everyday.  Hello, man food.  Oh baby boy, I like your style.  But now I'm over here on team pink all by myself.  The boys out number me 3 to 1.  So, I think I'm going to need to buy myself a few more heels, dresses, and throw some glitter in the air occasionally.

We are definitely thrilled to have a best friend brother for Kasen to play with.  The two will be exactly a year and half apart.  So we also won't have much to buy, which is always great news.  They can also share a room if I choose to do so.  But I had so much fun decorating Kasen's nursery that I would love to create a new and different space for baby #2.  And if you are wondering, no, we don't have a name for our second child yet.  Baby no name McKean.    

In other exciting news, my long standing craving of Mac-N-Cheese has been fulfilled.  I have seriously been craving it for months, practically since I found out I was pregnant.  Oh, a bowl full of cheesy goodness with a dash (or ten) of hot sauce.  Those spicy foods have me hooked.  But I'm kind of proud of myself for making the macaroni and cheese homemade with organic ingredients and it actually turning out.
This pregnant lady is doing a happy dance.  And I might be happy dancing for the rest of the week for how excited I am from Mac-N-Cheese and most importantly baby boy #2.  Stay tuned for details of our gender reveal party coming this week.  Have a great night!              

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