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Saturday, May 24, 2014

It's my Birthday & I'll Scream if I Want to

I celebrated my twenty-third birthday yesterday.  23 just happens to be my favorite number, so cheers to turing 23 on the 23rd of May.  Awesome.

I don't feel old.  At least not like I did when I turned 20.  That felt old to me for whatever reason.  But birthdays get a little less magical the older you get.  I remember hearing that from my parents way back when.  Guess they were right.  

Not that my birthday wasn't special.  It was just a different kind of special.  A more normal kind of day.  Welcome to adult hood, right?  Even though I knew my day would be pretty routine, I had trouble sleeping.  Something about birthdays and Christmas in particular still have me feeling giddy and antsy.  The anticipation just gets me.   

Kasen's gift to mommy was sleeping in past 8 o'clock.  So since I couldn't sleep, I decided to make myself a special birthday breakfast.  Because why not?  I think on my birthday I'm allowed to spoil myself.  Maybe just a little at least.  I made my favorite breakfast; whole wheat banana pancakes.  Mmmmm.  Fluffy, buttery, delicious pancakes embellished with strawberry hearts.  Fancy, huh?           

Kyle had to work all day, so the celebrating was left to Kasen and I till he got home to join in on the fun.  We only have one car so I claimed ownership of it for the day.  I wanted to treat myself and Kasen to an afternoon out, since it's a rare occasion.  

So our afternoon began with lunch at my favorite local burger place.  It was my first time taking Kasen out to eat alone.  Shouldn't be a big deal, but my 14 month old can be quite the rambunctious handful.  He doesn't like sitting still for very long, and he lets us know about it.  Well, he lets the whole restaurant know about it.    But he is hit or miss.  You never know.  On Kyle's birthday Kasen started wailing so loudly that I had to take him to the car while Kyle ate his lunch alone.  Happy Birthday, dear.  

I decided to take my chances though, because I'm 23.  New age, new adventures.  Kasen was really good for me and loved sharing mommy's food.  I gave him some fresh fruit and sweet potato fries off my plate, and I enjoyed a burger to myself.  

After lunch we went on an adventure to Target.  Which included an encounter with a pesky moth that kept flying into me on the drive over.  Which resulted in me screaming which then resulted in my son crying because I scared him.  But it's my birthday and I can scream if I want to.  Just kidding.  I felt bad for scaring the baby, but really it's the moth's fault.  It kept scaring me and my initial reaction when I encounter bugs is to scream.  Must be the little girl in me.  The one that I was telling you about earlier.  The one that still feels anxious about holidays and can't sleep due to anticipation.  
All and all the afternoon was pretty great.  A successful Target trip and a delicious lunch.   All it lacked was a nap, which Kasen refused to take.  Oh hello grumpy baby.  At least he's cute.  He decided to wear something festive for my birthday and I think he looks quite darling in his batman onesie.     

His lack of nap definitely showed itself at dinner.  Luckily, we had more hands to help, as my parents took my family out to a new place I had been wanting to try.  And my little pregnant self was very pleased.  I ate till I couldn't eat any more.  But then, I ate some more.  How can you resist turtle pie?

No birthday is complete without cake, candles, and a happy birthday song.  I fully intended on eating a piece of cake even after having turtle pie.  Especially because my husband made a special trip to Whole Foods to get it.  But I just couldn't handle it after stuffing my face at dinner.  23 was great.  It was the perfect day filled with wonderful food, family, and fun.  I ended the night not only feeling blessed but feeling little baby kicks.  I can never get enough of those.

FYI- I woke up this morning with a strong inkling for cake.  I almost had a slice for breakfast, but instead I decided to throw a piece in the freezer.  Best.  Idea. Ever.  As I type this now, I'm indulging in a wonderful slice of frozen birthday cake.  There is something about cold cake that I can't get enough of.  Who's with me?  Maybe a frozen slice is on the menu for breakfast tomorrow?  Oh, I believe so.  Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!        

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