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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

He or She? What Will Baby #2 Be?

I'm currently staring down a brown envelope.  It's taunting me.  Really it is.  Boy or Girl?  Boy or Girl?  That's the question I ask and the answer it holds.  We had our anatomy scan a few days back and had the ultrasound technician seal the gender in an envelope.  Top secret much?  The only person that knows is my husband.  Yeah.  He didn't want to be surprised at our gender reveal party.  Instead he wanted to be in the know because he is, "so over surprises."  #lame.  I, on the other hand, love surprises.  Though, I always find a way to spoil them.  When I was pregnant with Kasen I somehow convinced my husband to have a gender reveal party.  That was an exhausting task, but we both agreed not to find out the gender before hand.  Well, about that....  I accidentally looked as our doctor typed "it's a boy" on the big screen (right by Kasen's goods).  Oops.  I played pretend for the rest of the evening, giving an Oscar worthy performance as we cut into the cake filled with blue icing.  So this go around I am determined not to ruin the surprise.  I'm not sure how my husband is going to keep it to himself until Sunday, secrets aren't his specialty.  Two days down, three to go.  

 I've been getting everything together for the gender reveal party and decided to look up some old wives tales for fun.  Based on what those "old wives" say, I'm having a girl.  Guess we will see if they hold true.  My intuition hasn't a clue.  I think I'm leaning more towards a boy, but I change my mind everyday.  Sunday will be the day of truth, and I am so anxious to find out.  So what will it be?  A little he or she?                     

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