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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Every Superhero Needs A Sidekick

Well this is old news to me, but I'm excited to announce our little family of three is expanding in October.  Surprise, gasp, and say what??  Mama is due with Baby 2.    

You know, I still feel surprised at times. Seriously.  I mean it wasn't as shocking as my first pregnancy, but sometimes it catches me off guard.  I also find that I forget I am pregnant again.  Well kind of.  And by kind of, I mean not really.  I bet that makes a lot of sense.  Right?  The wonderful nausea, heartburn, and sleepiness have been constant reminders. But I HAVE had a few moments where I legitimately forgot.  For instance, around week six I was feeling overly nauseated (hello beginning of morning sickness) and I was conversing with my husband about feeling so bad, hoping I wasn't coming down with something.  He told me it probably wasn't anything more than morning sickness kicking in, and I had a "duh" moment.  Keiley oh Keiley, you are indeed pregnant.  I've only had a few more forgetful encounters.  But I just blame pregnancy brain for it.  Maybe because it doesn't feel quite real yet?      

But once that belly comes in and those kicks are felt, that is when I feel pregnant.  I'm thankful for those monthly appointments where I get to see and hear the little miracle growing inside of me.  That helps until then.    

It seems like just yesterday that I was pregnant with Kasen.  Well it was only a year ago.  13 months to be exact.  Some days I think I'm crazy for having another baby so soon.  You know, the days where my rambunctious one year old refuses to take a nap and instead insists on throwing tantrums on the floor.  Or the teething days that really take everything out of me.  Not to mention the lovely whinny stage my son is in.  

But most of the days I'm ecstatic.  I love being a mommy and have had baby fever for awhile now.  Kasen and his sibling will be exactly a year and a half apart, and I'm really excited to have them so close in age.  I always loved having a sister 17 months apart .  We were best friends, and I'm hoping for the same with my two.  I get a lot of crazy looks and comments about how brave I must be to have children back to back.  But honestly I don't think it's going to be more of a handful then if I had waited a few years in between.  I mean then we would have hit the terrible twos with Kasen or worse..... the terrible threes.  Yikes.  So I guess my perspective is no matter how far you space them, adding an extra family member is always going to be a "handful."  You run into different pros/cons no matter what.  But on to a different note....      

I know this is probably lame and possibly over the top, but I seriously had been thinking about how I wanted to publicly announce this pregnancy since my first prenatal appointment at 8 weeks.  (I didn't announce till 13 weeks).  Before that I had been racking my brains and Pinterest (which should be a given) for ideas on announcing to our families.   My husband ruined the surprise; though, I must admit he did pretty good at keeping his lips zipped.  Three whole weeks can feel like forever, especially when you have big news, but he got super anxious a few days before our appointment and spilled the beans.  So anyways with all that being said I really wanted to do something fun for our public announcement.

My husband still doesn't understand stuff of this nature.  Gender reveal parties, pregnancy announcements, etc.  All the things that I think are adorable and fun.  Like seriously I get giddy.  He doesn't get the point of them, and maybe there isn't one, but I love it.  Maybe because I love parties, pictures, and surprises?  Not to mention crafts.         

I actually had quite the time finding a pregnancy announcement that I wanted to use.  In a Pinterest crazed world ( and I include myself in that statement)  I kept seeing the same pregnancy announcements over and over.  Not to mention, I had personally seen some of the ones I liked done time and time again.  My search kind of wore me out.  Not that I didn't think some of the ideas were cute, but they have been so over done and most of the ideas I already pinned had been done by friends.  I just wanted to do something different.      

I really liked the sibling shirt announcements that say, "every superhero needs a sidekick."  But I didn't JUST want to buy a shirt, throw it on Kasen, and announce that way.  I like to pick my husband's brain.  He is super creative, and not to mention crafty.  Which makes me love him all the more ; ) .  And he helped me come up with the perfect announcement.  Here it is again, in case you forgot what it looked like,  (you can totally use my excuse of pregnancy brain) or if you didn't feel like scrolling up to re-look.  

The batman outfit Kasen has on is from Target.  We had actually bought that a month prior just because it was super adorable and awesome.  I must say it definitely came in great use.  The Robin emblem iron on was from Amazon.  I just love how this turned out.  We of course captioned it with "Every superhero needs a sidekick.  So excited to finally announce that  Kasen is going to be a big brother.  Expected arrival October 2014."

This pregnancy has been so different than my first.  I am excited for this new journey, and to of course write all about it.  ; )  Cheers ! !    

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