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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Baby Bump Progress

So I got a slow start with my weekly chalkboards.  Partly because I was really lazy the first trimester, but I think I'll blame the rest on being sick.  I was also hunting for the "perfect" outfit to wear every week for the pictures and might have procrastinated a bit.  I thought wearing the same outfit would showcase my bump progress a little better.  But the first dress I bought was a no go.  It was baggy and weird and very un-flattering.  It definitely didn't fit like it did on the mannequin.  I probably should have tried it on first, but there is a lesson to be learned all the time, right?  I'm actually happy it didn't work out though, because two weeks later I found exactly what I was looking for (aka the dress I'm sporting in each and every photo).  I got the inspiration to wear the same white dress each week from a pin on Pinterest.  Here is the website.  And I've seen a million and one chalkboard trackers on Pinterest now, but I still think it's such a fun idea.  The first one I saw was from Mommy's Little Sunshine. I loved that she did a chalkboard each and every week to track her pregnancy.  

Story time.  Alright my 15 week chalkboard still has the same question I do.  Boy or Girl?  You see my OBGYN offered to do an ultrasound at my monthly checkup to get a sneak peak at the gender before my anatomy scan a month later.  But baby #2 was quite the modest one, and wouldn't open his/her legs for anything.  Guess I have a little lady or gentleman on my hands.  And I certainly wouldn't mind that.  ; )    

Right now I'm in that awkward stage of pregnancy.  Where I just look thick around the middle.  Where people don't think I'm pregnant, just that I've eaten one too many cheeseburgers.  Maybe pizza.  Or burritos.  Mmmmm now I'm dreaming of food.  I think I'll wake up my husband and ask him to make me some Mac & Cheese.  ; )  Yeah....He would roll back asleep and tell me to make it myself.  Do pregnant women really ask their significant others to get them food in the middle of the night?  But really the question should be:   does their significant other get it?  I've always been curious.

So with this pregnancy my not so favorite symptoms have been morning sickness, heart burn, and indigestion.  Maybe a little gas.  Is that tmi?  My morning sickness started around week 6 and lasted till week 10.  Want to hear something utterly ridiculous?  I actually wanted my morning sickness to start.  I was four weeks in and didn't "feel pregnant" yet.  What was I thinking?  It hit me real good for that.  My personal must haves that helped me through the first trimester were my Bubba Mug, watermelon, sea bands, Ritz crackers, and my fuzzy blanket.  I took my Bubba Mug with me everywhere.  It is perfect for travel, and holds a lot of water.  And pregnant women need lots of water.  Gallons of it really.  I personally love my Bubba Mug, but there are obviously other choices out there.  Watermelon was so good to me.  It was easy on my stomach, as most days my appetite was non-exsistant.  It also helps with hydration and nausea.  Win-win.  The sea bands surprised me by how well they worked.  They took the edge off my morning sickness.  So, I must confess, I have a bias when it comes to crackers.  Most people recommend Saltines for morning sickness, which makes sense.  But I just can't help my love for Ritz.  Personally, they were bland enough for me to nibble on.  They were great for keeping something on my stomach.  Now, the fuzzy blanket is definitely not a "must."  But it was like my comfort thing.  I love wrapping up with a soft blanket.  And since naps were my best friend, I always had my blanket around.

So there you have it, my progress up until now.  I'll be updating weekly until the baby is born.  Now, off to try to get some sleep.  This insomnia is going to get me.        

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