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Friday, May 30, 2014

Summer State of Mind

It's that time of year again.  Ahhh sweet summer time.  I am pumped for summer this year, though I can't believe May is almost over.  Does anyone else know when June snuck up?  Seriously must have been while I blinked.  None the less, bring it on.

Fun fact:  I never once put on a swim suit last summer.  Which also means, I never went swimming (gasp).  Not even once.  And really that's not a fun fact because I LOVE swimming.  Well, I love laying out in the water.  Give me a blow up raft and a drink and that's how my swimming is done.  This year I am determined to get to a pool and soak up a little vitamin D.  I don't even care that I'm going to be as big as a beached whale.  I'm going to rock my baby bump in a swim suit with no shame in my game.

Along with swimming, I've been thinking about all the things I want to do this summer.  I especially want to do fun things with Kasen, as he will get to experience a lot of firsts.  So with Kasen in mind, I put together a short summer bucket list.  I can't wait to get started.    

Speaking of swimming, Kasen's little swimsuit was finally delivered today.  But nothing ruins the delivery of a highly anticipated package more than TWO spiders creeping into your house as soon as you open the door.  One ran strait under the couch and the other went to the corner.  It's possible that I used a whole can of Lysol to kill the double duo.  Though, I had to wait a whole 15 minutes to kill the last spider since it decided to play hide and seek.  I can't even explain how creeped out and paranoid I was until it made a re appearance.  Luckily my 14 month old was watching Sesame Street and wasn't even phased when I screamed.  Gosh what is it with me and screaming at bugs?  I "lysoled" that spider till there was no more Lysol left in the can.  Maybe it would have been eaiser to kill them with a shoe, but it gives me the chills just thinking about it.  I have a weird phobia of stepping on bugs with my shoe or even swatting at them for that matter.  I feel like the spider will climb on me if I do.  The house may still smell faintly of ocean breeze lysol, but I'm not complaining.   

 Swim Trunks || Shark Towel || Bear Hat || Baby Float Raft

So I put together another little style board for baby boy, this time swim inspired.  I can't even get over how cute the shark hooded towl is.  So ready to throw Kasen in his swim trunks and see his reaction to pool time.  And while I'm on the subject of summer, it's officially the season of weddings.  We have more than a handful to attend in the next few months and marked one down in the books last Sunday.  I love weddings and Kasen loves eating grass at weddings.  I let Kasen down in front of my bench to play with his toys as the ceremony began.  I was pleased that he was being so quiet and as I glanced down, I saw why.  A mouthful of grass along with a sly "I know I'm doing something I shouldn't be doing" look is what I saw.  Oh babies.  At least he's cute.  I am so fond of the pictures I shot of him at the wedding.  Sometimes I think he could be a baby model.  I am his mom though.

Leaving you with some pictures to enjoy and well wishes for the end of the week.  Cheers to the weekend y'all!!!    

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

He or She? What Will Baby #2 Be?

I'm currently staring down a brown envelope.  It's taunting me.  Really it is.  Boy or Girl?  Boy or Girl?  That's the question I ask and the answer it holds.  We had our anatomy scan a few days back and had the ultrasound technician seal the gender in an envelope.  Top secret much?  The only person that knows is my husband.  Yeah.  He didn't want to be surprised at our gender reveal party.  Instead he wanted to be in the know because he is, "so over surprises."  #lame.  I, on the other hand, love surprises.  Though, I always find a way to spoil them.  When I was pregnant with Kasen I somehow convinced my husband to have a gender reveal party.  That was an exhausting task, but we both agreed not to find out the gender before hand.  Well, about that....  I accidentally looked as our doctor typed "it's a boy" on the big screen (right by Kasen's goods).  Oops.  I played pretend for the rest of the evening, giving an Oscar worthy performance as we cut into the cake filled with blue icing.  So this go around I am determined not to ruin the surprise.  I'm not sure how my husband is going to keep it to himself until Sunday, secrets aren't his specialty.  Two days down, three to go.  

 I've been getting everything together for the gender reveal party and decided to look up some old wives tales for fun.  Based on what those "old wives" say, I'm having a girl.  Guess we will see if they hold true.  My intuition hasn't a clue.  I think I'm leaning more towards a boy, but I change my mind everyday.  Sunday will be the day of truth, and I am so anxious to find out.  So what will it be?  A little he or she?                     

19 Weeks and Counting

How far along:  19 weeks
Total weight gain/loss:  up 2 pounds
Maternity clothes:  Not yet
Sleep:  Insomnia at it's greatest.  Thank goodness for Pinterest.  
Best moment this week: Seeing my little baby dance around during the anatomy scan
Worst moment this week:  Getting sick during the anatomy scan.  Oh the joys
Food Cravings:  Can't get enough sweet potatoes topped with hot salsa.  Best food creation ever!!!!
 Morning Sickness/Aversions:  Yes
Gender prediction:  I think it's a ... baby.  I still don't have a clue
Weekly Wisdom:  Drink Reed's Ginger Ale.  Do it.  It's delicious, and it helps with nausea.  It's my drink of choice these pregnant days  
Happy or Moody:  My husband answered moody for me
Showing:  Oh yes.  There is a definite bump now  

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

Hope everyone had a fantastic Memorial Day!!  We had a pretty casual one ourselves, just hanging out enjoying some quality family time.  Kasen and I were extra happy when we woke up this morning and realized that daddy was off work.

I love making a big breakfast but rarely get to these days on a count of a certain little one that must have my constant attention.  I was a little too excited to have an extra set of hands to help out this morning so I could fulfill my role as Betty Crocker.  Or should I say Keiley Crocker?  I was feeling quite festive today, so I proudly decorated our breakfast toast.  Who knew the American flag tasted so delicious?  ; )  Kasen really enjoyed his piece of holiday toast smothered in cream cheese and strawberry preserves.  It was definitely a treat compared to his regular ole' plain toast.

After breakfast we decided to go out and enjoy the beautiful weather.  And what a beautiful day it was.  If it couldn't be enjoyed at the lake, it had to be enjoyed outside.  So we took our little one downtown to explore and of course I had to snap a few pictures.  He's just too cute....I couldn't resist.  Plus, he was rocking some new kicks.  We paired them with a cut off tank made from one of his long-sleeve shirts.  I'd say his Memorial day outfit was stylin'. 

We had a great day and I'm so thankful to all those that have served, are serving, and have given their lives for the freedom we enjoy today.  America is the home of the free because of the brave.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

It's my Birthday & I'll Scream if I Want to

I celebrated my twenty-third birthday yesterday.  23 just happens to be my favorite number, so cheers to turing 23 on the 23rd of May.  Awesome.

I don't feel old.  At least not like I did when I turned 20.  That felt old to me for whatever reason.  But birthdays get a little less magical the older you get.  I remember hearing that from my parents way back when.  Guess they were right.  

Not that my birthday wasn't special.  It was just a different kind of special.  A more normal kind of day.  Welcome to adult hood, right?  Even though I knew my day would be pretty routine, I had trouble sleeping.  Something about birthdays and Christmas in particular still have me feeling giddy and antsy.  The anticipation just gets me.   

Kasen's gift to mommy was sleeping in past 8 o'clock.  So since I couldn't sleep, I decided to make myself a special birthday breakfast.  Because why not?  I think on my birthday I'm allowed to spoil myself.  Maybe just a little at least.  I made my favorite breakfast; whole wheat banana pancakes.  Mmmmm.  Fluffy, buttery, delicious pancakes embellished with strawberry hearts.  Fancy, huh?           

Kyle had to work all day, so the celebrating was left to Kasen and I till he got home to join in on the fun.  We only have one car so I claimed ownership of it for the day.  I wanted to treat myself and Kasen to an afternoon out, since it's a rare occasion.  

So our afternoon began with lunch at my favorite local burger place.  It was my first time taking Kasen out to eat alone.  Shouldn't be a big deal, but my 14 month old can be quite the rambunctious handful.  He doesn't like sitting still for very long, and he lets us know about it.  Well, he lets the whole restaurant know about it.    But he is hit or miss.  You never know.  On Kyle's birthday Kasen started wailing so loudly that I had to take him to the car while Kyle ate his lunch alone.  Happy Birthday, dear.  

I decided to take my chances though, because I'm 23.  New age, new adventures.  Kasen was really good for me and loved sharing mommy's food.  I gave him some fresh fruit and sweet potato fries off my plate, and I enjoyed a burger to myself.  

After lunch we went on an adventure to Target.  Which included an encounter with a pesky moth that kept flying into me on the drive over.  Which resulted in me screaming which then resulted in my son crying because I scared him.  But it's my birthday and I can scream if I want to.  Just kidding.  I felt bad for scaring the baby, but really it's the moth's fault.  It kept scaring me and my initial reaction when I encounter bugs is to scream.  Must be the little girl in me.  The one that I was telling you about earlier.  The one that still feels anxious about holidays and can't sleep due to anticipation.  
All and all the afternoon was pretty great.  A successful Target trip and a delicious lunch.   All it lacked was a nap, which Kasen refused to take.  Oh hello grumpy baby.  At least he's cute.  He decided to wear something festive for my birthday and I think he looks quite darling in his batman onesie.     

His lack of nap definitely showed itself at dinner.  Luckily, we had more hands to help, as my parents took my family out to a new place I had been wanting to try.  And my little pregnant self was very pleased.  I ate till I couldn't eat any more.  But then, I ate some more.  How can you resist turtle pie?

No birthday is complete without cake, candles, and a happy birthday song.  I fully intended on eating a piece of cake even after having turtle pie.  Especially because my husband made a special trip to Whole Foods to get it.  But I just couldn't handle it after stuffing my face at dinner.  23 was great.  It was the perfect day filled with wonderful food, family, and fun.  I ended the night not only feeling blessed but feeling little baby kicks.  I can never get enough of those.

FYI- I woke up this morning with a strong inkling for cake.  I almost had a slice for breakfast, but instead I decided to throw a piece in the freezer.  Best.  Idea. Ever.  As I type this now, I'm indulging in a wonderful slice of frozen birthday cake.  There is something about cold cake that I can't get enough of.  Who's with me?  Maybe a frozen slice is on the menu for breakfast tomorrow?  Oh, I believe so.  Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!        

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

18 Weeks

How far along:  18 weeks
Total weight gain/loss:  Finally gained one whole pound
Maternity clothes:  Not yet
Sleep:  Insomnia most nights.(I have a hard time going back to sleep after waking up at 2 a.m. to pee)
Best moment this week: Seeing & feeling the baby kick.  Daddy even saw kicks : )
Worst moment this week:  Morning sickness making an unwelcome come back
Food Cravings:  Watermelon, Hot Salsa, Mac & Cheese
Morning Sickness/Aversions:  Yes & finally getting over my aversion to sweet foods'
Gender prediction:  Seriously unsurethis whole "mother intuition" thing isn't kicking in this time
Belly button in or out:  The top part is starting to stick out
Weekly Wisdom:  If you need to cry, do it.  Even if it's for no reason, and you happen to be playing with your one year old.  He just might think it's funny (at least mine did).  But the release of emotions is therapeutic.

Happy Hump Day "Bump" Day!!

Baby Bump Progress

So I got a slow start with my weekly chalkboards.  Partly because I was really lazy the first trimester, but I think I'll blame the rest on being sick.  I was also hunting for the "perfect" outfit to wear every week for the pictures and might have procrastinated a bit.  I thought wearing the same outfit would showcase my bump progress a little better.  But the first dress I bought was a no go.  It was baggy and weird and very un-flattering.  It definitely didn't fit like it did on the mannequin.  I probably should have tried it on first, but there is a lesson to be learned all the time, right?  I'm actually happy it didn't work out though, because two weeks later I found exactly what I was looking for (aka the dress I'm sporting in each and every photo).  I got the inspiration to wear the same white dress each week from a pin on Pinterest.  Here is the website.  And I've seen a million and one chalkboard trackers on Pinterest now, but I still think it's such a fun idea.  The first one I saw was from Mommy's Little Sunshine. I loved that she did a chalkboard each and every week to track her pregnancy.  

Story time.  Alright my 15 week chalkboard still has the same question I do.  Boy or Girl?  You see my OBGYN offered to do an ultrasound at my monthly checkup to get a sneak peak at the gender before my anatomy scan a month later.  But baby #2 was quite the modest one, and wouldn't open his/her legs for anything.  Guess I have a little lady or gentleman on my hands.  And I certainly wouldn't mind that.  ; )    

Right now I'm in that awkward stage of pregnancy.  Where I just look thick around the middle.  Where people don't think I'm pregnant, just that I've eaten one too many cheeseburgers.  Maybe pizza.  Or burritos.  Mmmmm now I'm dreaming of food.  I think I'll wake up my husband and ask him to make me some Mac & Cheese.  ; )  Yeah....He would roll back asleep and tell me to make it myself.  Do pregnant women really ask their significant others to get them food in the middle of the night?  But really the question should be:   does their significant other get it?  I've always been curious.

So with this pregnancy my not so favorite symptoms have been morning sickness, heart burn, and indigestion.  Maybe a little gas.  Is that tmi?  My morning sickness started around week 6 and lasted till week 10.  Want to hear something utterly ridiculous?  I actually wanted my morning sickness to start.  I was four weeks in and didn't "feel pregnant" yet.  What was I thinking?  It hit me real good for that.  My personal must haves that helped me through the first trimester were my Bubba Mug, watermelon, sea bands, Ritz crackers, and my fuzzy blanket.  I took my Bubba Mug with me everywhere.  It is perfect for travel, and holds a lot of water.  And pregnant women need lots of water.  Gallons of it really.  I personally love my Bubba Mug, but there are obviously other choices out there.  Watermelon was so good to me.  It was easy on my stomach, as most days my appetite was non-exsistant.  It also helps with hydration and nausea.  Win-win.  The sea bands surprised me by how well they worked.  They took the edge off my morning sickness.  So, I must confess, I have a bias when it comes to crackers.  Most people recommend Saltines for morning sickness, which makes sense.  But I just can't help my love for Ritz.  Personally, they were bland enough for me to nibble on.  They were great for keeping something on my stomach.  Now, the fuzzy blanket is definitely not a "must."  But it was like my comfort thing.  I love wrapping up with a soft blanket.  And since naps were my best friend, I always had my blanket around.

So there you have it, my progress up until now.  I'll be updating weekly until the baby is born.  Now, off to try to get some sleep.  This insomnia is going to get me.        

Monday, May 19, 2014

Singing the Monday Blues

Oh what a lovely Monday I've had.  I've been snuggled up in bed all day with a puke bucket and a bottle of ginger ale.  Morning sickness strikes again, but this time with a vengeance.  Yikes!! I'm really hoping it's going to be short lived because, HELLO, I'm 18 weeks along and have been happily enjoying the past 2 months without my not so favorite pregnancy symptom.  But it's decided to stick around for three days now, with today being the absolute worst.  At least my husband has been watching our one year old all day, which has given me a chance to rest.  Can you say heaven sent?    

Though it's pretty bumming to be stuck in bed all day, I've tried to get my mind off of it.  So what have I been doing to lift my spirits?  Online shopping.  I mean what else is a sick prego supposed to do?  Right?

My favorite things to shop for these days are baby clothes.  Anyone else have a ridiculous obsession with them?  I'm like 99 percent sure my one year old is more stylish than me. I mean I guess that's not hard to do as my day to day attire consists of yoga pants, running shorts and v necks. Hmm That makes me sound like I'm really into fitness?  Don't let that fool you, I think the last time I ran was from a bee.  Yeah.  I'm 22 and still freak out when I see them.

Anyways, I am loving these summer looks for baby boy.  They will especially be cute for Memorial Day weekend coming up.  The links for each item are posted right under the style board.

Happy Monday!!          


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Every Superhero Needs A Sidekick

Well this is old news to me, but I'm excited to announce our little family of three is expanding in October.  Surprise, gasp, and say what??  Mama is due with Baby 2.    

You know, I still feel surprised at times. Seriously.  I mean it wasn't as shocking as my first pregnancy, but sometimes it catches me off guard.  I also find that I forget I am pregnant again.  Well kind of.  And by kind of, I mean not really.  I bet that makes a lot of sense.  Right?  The wonderful nausea, heartburn, and sleepiness have been constant reminders. But I HAVE had a few moments where I legitimately forgot.  For instance, around week six I was feeling overly nauseated (hello beginning of morning sickness) and I was conversing with my husband about feeling so bad, hoping I wasn't coming down with something.  He told me it probably wasn't anything more than morning sickness kicking in, and I had a "duh" moment.  Keiley oh Keiley, you are indeed pregnant.  I've only had a few more forgetful encounters.  But I just blame pregnancy brain for it.  Maybe because it doesn't feel quite real yet?      

But once that belly comes in and those kicks are felt, that is when I feel pregnant.  I'm thankful for those monthly appointments where I get to see and hear the little miracle growing inside of me.  That helps until then.    

It seems like just yesterday that I was pregnant with Kasen.  Well it was only a year ago.  13 months to be exact.  Some days I think I'm crazy for having another baby so soon.  You know, the days where my rambunctious one year old refuses to take a nap and instead insists on throwing tantrums on the floor.  Or the teething days that really take everything out of me.  Not to mention the lovely whinny stage my son is in.  

But most of the days I'm ecstatic.  I love being a mommy and have had baby fever for awhile now.  Kasen and his sibling will be exactly a year and a half apart, and I'm really excited to have them so close in age.  I always loved having a sister 17 months apart .  We were best friends, and I'm hoping for the same with my two.  I get a lot of crazy looks and comments about how brave I must be to have children back to back.  But honestly I don't think it's going to be more of a handful then if I had waited a few years in between.  I mean then we would have hit the terrible twos with Kasen or worse..... the terrible threes.  Yikes.  So I guess my perspective is no matter how far you space them, adding an extra family member is always going to be a "handful."  You run into different pros/cons no matter what.  But on to a different note....      

I know this is probably lame and possibly over the top, but I seriously had been thinking about how I wanted to publicly announce this pregnancy since my first prenatal appointment at 8 weeks.  (I didn't announce till 13 weeks).  Before that I had been racking my brains and Pinterest (which should be a given) for ideas on announcing to our families.   My husband ruined the surprise; though, I must admit he did pretty good at keeping his lips zipped.  Three whole weeks can feel like forever, especially when you have big news, but he got super anxious a few days before our appointment and spilled the beans.  So anyways with all that being said I really wanted to do something fun for our public announcement.

My husband still doesn't understand stuff of this nature.  Gender reveal parties, pregnancy announcements, etc.  All the things that I think are adorable and fun.  Like seriously I get giddy.  He doesn't get the point of them, and maybe there isn't one, but I love it.  Maybe because I love parties, pictures, and surprises?  Not to mention crafts.         

I actually had quite the time finding a pregnancy announcement that I wanted to use.  In a Pinterest crazed world ( and I include myself in that statement)  I kept seeing the same pregnancy announcements over and over.  Not to mention, I had personally seen some of the ones I liked done time and time again.  My search kind of wore me out.  Not that I didn't think some of the ideas were cute, but they have been so over done and most of the ideas I already pinned had been done by friends.  I just wanted to do something different.      

I really liked the sibling shirt announcements that say, "every superhero needs a sidekick."  But I didn't JUST want to buy a shirt, throw it on Kasen, and announce that way.  I like to pick my husband's brain.  He is super creative, and not to mention crafty.  Which makes me love him all the more ; ) .  And he helped me come up with the perfect announcement.  Here it is again, in case you forgot what it looked like,  (you can totally use my excuse of pregnancy brain) or if you didn't feel like scrolling up to re-look.  

The batman outfit Kasen has on is from Target.  We had actually bought that a month prior just because it was super adorable and awesome.  I must say it definitely came in great use.  The Robin emblem iron on was from Amazon.  I just love how this turned out.  We of course captioned it with "Every superhero needs a sidekick.  So excited to finally announce that  Kasen is going to be a big brother.  Expected arrival October 2014."

This pregnancy has been so different than my first.  I am excited for this new journey, and to of course write all about it.  ; )  Cheers ! !    
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