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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fall Photos Featuring the McKeans

So I'm finally getting around to posting our fall family photos for this year.  And so you know, it's late here.  By late I mean eleven 'o clock.  At night.  That kind of late.  An hour past my bed time late.  Yes, I do go to bed at ten.  Well, I guess that's not really the whole truth.  I usually retire to our bed by ten.  But my night owlish ways tend to keep me up for another few hours.  I'm usually lost in thought, or milling around on my phone.  Sometimes writing or editing photos.  But rarely ever sleeping.  As tired as I get, I can never just turn my brain off.  I know they say no electronics before bed, and I'm sure they are right.  Who ever "they" are.  Experts or something.  But I guess I do it because I can't sleep, and it seems to be the only time I can get stuff done.  Stuff that I want to do.  And stuff that I don't really want to do.  Stuff like cleaning.  Our house is either spotless or a disaster.  There is NO in between.  Seriously.  I feel like when I go to sleep or leave the house, magical elves come out from hiding and destroy the place.  Those darn messy elves.  Because we all know that I don't EVER mess anything up.  Oh no.  Clearly it's not me.  And I'm sure my husband has nothing to do with it.  Guess the last one to blame is Kasen.  Yep, my 8 month old is the messy one.  And I'm totally kidding.  My husband and I are not the most organized, though I really strive to be.  It's an ongoing goal that never seems to be reached.  But I'm rambling now.  

  So I guess with no further ado, I'll present some of my favorite fall family pictures we had made.  I totally want to take some every year.  Not necessarily in the fall, but family pictures each year will be a must.  I know my husband will be so thrilled.  Super.  He doesn't particularly like photos as much as I do.  He actually kind of dis likes them.  Maybe in a few years he will just accept my obsessive picture taking habits.   A girl can dream right?  ; )          

Townsend Photography and Film took these.  And once again, they did such an outstanding job.  Plus, Kasen was super good during them.  He was our little baby model.  And that right there is a blessing, folks.  I was kind of worried that he would cry the whole time.  But my worries soon diminished as he worked the camera.  ; )  Well I guess my night time ramblings are over.    


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