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Monday, December 9, 2013

May Your Days be Merry & Bright

I've been super anxious to share some of the Christmas pictures I've been working on.  I mean "the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear," as quoted by Buddy the Elf.  And I feel like singing loud for all to hear.  Though, I'm a bit tone deaf.  So you might want to cover your ears.  Fair warning.

Okay,  I'm a bit overly excited.  And a little silly.  And just down right quirky.  Possibly not making any sense.  But today my form of Christmas cheer are these photos.  And looking at them makes me smile from ear to ear.  And they make me think of the movie "Elf."  Not because they have anything to do with the movie, but because of how much love Buddy had for Christmas and how excited he was about any and all things Christmas.  Hence the Christmas pictures.  The ones I am soooo excited about.  The ones that make me want to sing loud for all to hear.  I love taking pictures and I think they turned out really good.  I'm obviously no professional, but just a mommy trying to save some cash this holiday season.  Now I just have to figure out which one I want to use for our Christmas card.  I'll share a few of my favorites with you, and keep my post short and sweet.  Enjoy.   



Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fall Photos Featuring the McKeans

So I'm finally getting around to posting our fall family photos for this year.  And so you know, it's late here.  By late I mean eleven 'o clock.  At night.  That kind of late.  An hour past my bed time late.  Yes, I do go to bed at ten.  Well, I guess that's not really the whole truth.  I usually retire to our bed by ten.  But my night owlish ways tend to keep me up for another few hours.  I'm usually lost in thought, or milling around on my phone.  Sometimes writing or editing photos.  But rarely ever sleeping.  As tired as I get, I can never just turn my brain off.  I know they say no electronics before bed, and I'm sure they are right.  Who ever "they" are.  Experts or something.  But I guess I do it because I can't sleep, and it seems to be the only time I can get stuff done.  Stuff that I want to do.  And stuff that I don't really want to do.  Stuff like cleaning.  Our house is either spotless or a disaster.  There is NO in between.  Seriously.  I feel like when I go to sleep or leave the house, magical elves come out from hiding and destroy the place.  Those darn messy elves.  Because we all know that I don't EVER mess anything up.  Oh no.  Clearly it's not me.  And I'm sure my husband has nothing to do with it.  Guess the last one to blame is Kasen.  Yep, my 8 month old is the messy one.  And I'm totally kidding.  My husband and I are not the most organized, though I really strive to be.  It's an ongoing goal that never seems to be reached.  But I'm rambling now.  

  So I guess with no further ado, I'll present some of my favorite fall family pictures we had made.  I totally want to take some every year.  Not necessarily in the fall, but family pictures each year will be a must.  I know my husband will be so thrilled.  Super.  He doesn't particularly like photos as much as I do.  He actually kind of dis likes them.  Maybe in a few years he will just accept my obsessive picture taking habits.   A girl can dream right?  ; )          

Townsend Photography and Film took these.  And once again, they did such an outstanding job.  Plus, Kasen was super good during them.  He was our little baby model.  And that right there is a blessing, folks.  I was kind of worried that he would cry the whole time.  But my worries soon diminished as he worked the camera.  ; )  Well I guess my night time ramblings are over.    


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

12 Dates of Christmas

Somehow I woke up and the holidays were upon us, as if my life decided to press the fast forward button.  I love Christmas though....So hello, my favorite time of the year.  Glad to see you.  

Holiday traditions are part of what makes this season so special.  They are memories held in our hearts and are something to look forward to each year.  As a new family, we aren't seasoned with traditions quite yet.  I know they will come with time, and some are stumbled upon by accident, but I'm anxious for what our little traditions will be.  

So as I was contemplating some new ones for this coming season, I decided that I wanted to implement date nights through out the hustle and bustle of the season.  Some quality time for me and that Mr. Husband of mine.  I love Christmas and date nights, so why not combine the two?  Some might even become traditions for us and/or Kasen when he gets older.  Plus, it beats our same 'ole go-to date night rut we get stuck in.  AKA Redbox & Sonic drinks.

Since I lean towards the cheesy side of things, I thought it would be cute to give Kyle 12 gifts for the 12 days of Christmas, one for each day.  But Kyle is not really into gifts (totally the opposite of me).  So what if I replaced the gifts with the Christmas date nights I wanted to do.  12 dates.  They could be a surprise for Kyle, and could be done anytime before Christmas.  "The 12 dates of Christmas."  Perfect.      (Now, as I was searching for some date ideas, I found that others' had the same idea of the 12 dates of Christmas.  So I am by no means claiming this was an original idea).  Guess I'm not as brilliant as I thought ; ) haha.  

We have a little Christmas tree in our bedroom that I decided to hang the dates' on.  I cut out 12 hearts, and put a number (1-12) on each one.  On the back I wrote a date idea, which is of course Christmas related.  I call it my "12 dates of Christmas" Tree.  So between now and Christmas, Kyle will pick a number, and we will go do what it says.  You can plan in advance or be as spontaneous as you want with what the dates are and when you go on the dates.        

1.  Buy & Wrap Christmas Presents-  What better way to get all your Christmas shopping done, than by making a date out of it.  Have fun picking out presents and when your finished turn on some Christmas music and wrap them.  

2. Candle lit Dinner-  Get dressed up to stay in.  Turn off all the lights except your Christmas tree.  Light some candles and enjoy a romantic dinner together.  You can also talk about Christmas traditions to implement for your family.    

3. Go see a Christmas Movie in Theaters-  Buy a bucket of popcorn and go see a Christmas movie together.  Some theaters even have promotional nights.  Where we live, there is a theatre that you can see movies on Tuesdays for $5 a ticket.     

4. Gingerbread House Competition-  We love a good competition at the McKean household.  So gather up some supplies and get creative.   

5. Ice Skating-  Head to an indoor or outdoor rink and skate the night away.   

6. Look at Christmas Lights- Get in your comfiest Christmas pajamas, grab a cup of hot coco, and hop in the car.  Drive around and look at beautiful Christmas lights.  Don't forget to turn on some holiday music.    

7. Christmas Breakfast Picnic-  Grab some blankets and warm apple cider.  Pick your favorite picnic spot and breakfast foods and enjoy.      

8. Christmas Movie Night-  Make a pallet on the floor, gather up your favorite snacks, and have a Christmas movie marathon.  

9. Ugly Christmas Sweaters-  Go to a thrift store and pick out ugly Christmas sweaters for each other.  Wear them to a Christmas party !!! 

10. Naughty or Nice?-  I found this idea here  ; ).  This is such a creative intimate date.    

11. Make Christmas Cookies-  Make, Bake, and Decorate Christmas Cookies.

12. Christmas Service Project-  Remember the reason for the season and do a service project together.  
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