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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Nursery Reveal

And that's a wrap.  

Project:  Finish Kasen's Nursery is DONE.  D - O - N - E. DONE.  Finished. Complete.  Can I get a round of applause please? Standing ovation if you will?  ; ) I'm only kidding.  (sorta)   After spending 7 + months on this nursery I kind of feel as if I deserve something for finishing it.  Cake perhaps?

Living in an apartment has its limitations.  For instance, I can't paint the awfully colored walls.  I don't know about you, but off-white does not spark the feeling of "home" for me.  It's not very inviting.  Technically, I'm also not supposed to hang anything up.  But I can't handle it.  Really.  Plain, off-white walls with barley any natural light coming in is empty and can we say depressing much?  So, I might have disregarded the no hanging rule.  Ivory soap works to fill in holes right?  

When we first moved in, Kasen's room was pretty much our junk room.  An assortment of random belongings that had no place.  The island of misfit things.  When I found out I was pregnant, I dreaded cleaning that room out.  There was no more room left in our 850 sq foot apartment.  And the thought of sharing a closet with the husband was unthinkable.  Plus June seemed so far away.  Four long, far away, distant months.  Boy I sure am glad the nesting urge kicked in.   

I eventually got everything cleaned out.  Then came the crib.  There it sat all alone in the empty room with nothing but ideas to keep it company.  I still had three whole months though.  At least that what I thought.    
Now, who could have ever guessed that their water would break at 28 weeks?  Obviously not I.  Welcome to the world of bed-rest, Keiley.  During my  hospital stay, I couldn't help but to think about my son's empty nursery.  I really wanted it to be done for his homecoming.  But I was stuck there until Kasen made his appearance into the world, which could have been until term.  No body knew. I felt so useless sitting in the hospital, thinking about all the stuff I needed to get done.  Or I guess I should say wanted to get done.  Since I'm pretty sure Kasen could have cared less if his room was 100 percent complete.

Luckily (for my sanity) my awesome mother-in-law knew how important Kasen's nursery was to me.  I had already picked out the fabric that she was going to sew for his bedding at 19 weeks pregnant (when I found out I was having a boy).  So, as I sat bed ridden and stir crazy in the hospital, she quickly began sewing his bumpers, sheets, curtains, and you name it.  This was a big deal seeing that she had 25 other orders that she needed to make and send out.  She even made bedding for Kasen's cradle.  The cradle that he refused to sleep in.  If he knew that it was hand-made by his great-grandfather, than I think he would have had a different attitude ; ).      

In time the oh so talented mother-in-law of mine also reupholstered a glider and ottoman we found at a consignment sale.  As you see below, my husband took quite the liking to it.  He sat there the whole sale.  "Testing it out."  I'm sure it had nothing to do with how much he looooves shopping ; ).   

With the bedding, chair, and curtains done the room had some substance by the time I was released.  (Which was three weeks by the way).  While Kasen was in the NICU for the next month, we acquired a rug, bookshelf, dresser, nightstand, and a few DIY projects to throw into the mix.  I had planned on getting more done during his hospital stay, but most of my days were spent looking at Kasen in his incubator.  Usually hoping to hold him.   

So, his room wasn't finished when he was released.  Nor the next month.  Or the next.  I realized how un-important it was in the grand scheme of things.  But I can't pretend that I won't try to have a nursery done a lot earlier in pregnancy the next go around.  Most of my delays I have to contribute to my dearest husband though.  He is VERY crafty.  My handy-man can do things that I have not been gifted with.  Problem is, his time-line isn't in sync with mine.  I have to prompt him time and time again to help me with certain things.  He is just so very slow to start.  Bet he is super glad that I'm not afraid to be that pest in his ears ; ).  
Now, with no further ado, I bring you Kasen's Nursery.  

Spray painted & updated the hardware on this side table.  We found it on the side of the street.

We made the bookshelves out of rain gutters.  And yes there is a lot on the walls, but it helps cover up the blandness of the wall color. Oh the ugly wall color. 

My talented husband made the mobile.  

Even if you're not a Longhorn fan, you must admit these are precious.

I sure had a lot of fun putting Kasen's room together.  My husband wanted to solely do a Longhorn theme, as he is a die-hard Longhorn's fan.  But I like color.  Lots of color.  Lots of pretty colors'. (Hence the plural).  So being the wonderful wife I am, (since let us face it, the Longhorn's are NOT well liked around here) I decided to tie in the love of Kyle's Texas Longhorns with my very favorite ideas from pinterest & projectnursery.  And the verdict is, I LOVE IT.  Seriously, it has a way of making me feel even more cheerful when I walk in.  I think Kasen likes it too.  Now to finish the rest of our place....        


  1. Love it! Does your mother-in-law have an etsy shop?!

    1. Hi Justine! Thank you so much. & Yes she does. Here is the link You can message her there (even though she is on a vacation from her shop for the time being). She is quick to reply & does an outstanding job! : )


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