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Friday, August 2, 2013

365 Days. 12 Months. ONE Year.

ONE year down FOREVER to go 

You know that weird feeling of time?  The one that feels as if it has taken forever yet has gone by so quickly.  August 3rd, 2012 feels like it was yesterday and at the same moment seems like a distant memory.  Our wedding day marked the very beginning of our story as a family.  McKean party of THREE (thank you honeymoon). 

I love Kyle so much more now than I did a year ago as we stood with our toes planted in the warm sand committing our lives to one another.  Marriage is a choice I made.  On that beautiful August afternoon I vowed to love Kyle.  Love him in the best times, hard times, and in between times.  And to be honest, marriage is not always easy.  Love isn’t a feeling, it’s a choice that has to be made daily. We are supposed to love one another how Christ loves.  Not based on feelings or performance but with agape love.  A love that is irrevocable and unconditional.  If we want a strong marriage, we have to work on it.  You see, we are both selfish imperfect people that without Christ could never have the marriage we strive for.   A strong marriage must be a giving relationship, a relationship that gives and expects nothing in return.  As husband and wife we have to put the other first, even when we don’t feel like it.  And when you chose to act in love the feeling of love most certainly follows, because love is something we do, before it is something we feel. 

I am absolutely grateful that Kyle chooses to love me.  God bless him for dealing with pregnant me one month into marriage ; ).  But really, it is such a joy to feel secure in our marriage.  Deep down in our minds and hearts we both made an absolute commitment to our marriage.  For better or for worse.  Together we have had quite the first year of marriage.  And I am definitely looking forward to the years to come with Mr. McKean, and baby McKean.  Cheers !!

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